Law of Karma

You see; many a times I’ve talked about what might strike you if you’ve done anything wrong in your life, for an example, if you’ve done any sin in your life. We all know for a fact that all of us, despite being innocent or violent; had been guilty of being indirectly or directly involved […]

Dead yet Restless

This post contains extremely graphic images , although I’ve limited the number of pictures I posted here. It was meant to put a stop on the circulation of the said emails, and in no way I’m promoting this pictures over here in my blog. I’ve talked about this previously here . The thing with most […]

Heaven on Earth

This post was written a week back and would be auto-published.  I’m in Pulau Spring Resort , JB  by the time you’re reading this. Have a wonderful weekend It was around 9.45 in the morning and I am driving back after work .There seem to be a massive traffic jam thus I cursed and waited […]

Give Up.Not

I’m away for a vacation in Indonesia and this post is set to auto-publish. Watch this clip, absolutely worth it. Till then, see you when I see you.


Let’s take a break. This was sent in by one of our readers: Mr. Punithan. Indeed funny. Below is the ‘kolam’ done by Indian girls. And the following is the ‘kolam ‘ done by Indian guys :

Best Dancer

I don’t know if you know, but I’m a big fan of dance. Like everything else that I say. All the time you might get used to it, I’m saying “I’m a fan of…” almost all the thing that I post over here. Nevertheless, I think this guy has taken dancing into a new level. […]

Kathaley Jayem Theme

This piece of brilliant music was send in by S.A. Arun , our local music director who had come up with impressive piece of work so far. It’s a theme song, but it’s nice, maybe you can have it as your ring tone. Short but mesmerizing. Valge Mannin Mainthargal! And Don’t forget to drop in […]

Life’s Good

How many times have you thought yourself to be the most unfortunate living person in this world? You complain and have dissatisfaction for everything that you gain. We’re never been contended enough with things that we have. Although it is right to strive for greater heights, and it is good to be working hard to […]

Angels and Demons

If you have read the book ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, you would know what does ambigram means. “An ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, is a typographical design that spells out one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another view point, direction or orientation. The […]

Faces of Death

This post contains ‘graphic’ images. Continue at your own risk. And so I thought I should continue the next part of the previous article or you would get bored and think that I’m not keeping up with my words. Not that I always keep up with my words all the time, but the thing is […]

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