4 Ways MIC Could Gain Back the Trust of Indians

The ongoing Anwar sodomy trial is getting nationwide attention and BN as usual is very much focused to try to gain as much political mileage possible by this event. I was browsing the news related to it the other day when I came across… This is definitely not the first time I’ve seen something like […]

Top 5 Wannabe Ustaz

There had been too many individual cases of insulting non-Muslims in this country lately that I decided to come up with a countdown for the best of the worst. The reason why I’ve chosen not to highlight about other cases is because most of them were not as seriously highlighted, and cases involving non-Muslims are […]

Paid Dogs

MIC is a sette pambe, but I respect and have contacts with some individuals who are genuinely trying to do something. But these genuine people would never be able to help, because they’re headed by greedy and shameless leaders.  KAJANG: Why should police investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who […]

Powderful Woman

All praises to Guru G for his guidance.If something happens to me, you know who did it. Yesterday, as I was browsing through, something caught my attention. The Prime Minister wife was personally invited to attend an event in Qatar and Malaysian government had approved the usage of government jet that can cost a whopping […]

The Beginning

I was in Perak when our Prime Minister; Najib presented Budget 2014, which makes no difference to us anyway; but makes a lot of difference to the government cronies like UMNO, MCA and MIC. As usual, millions were thrown in here and there, and as a citizen of this country, we were advised to save […]

Mati Dalam Lokap

Yet another death in police custody and all we can do is sit and watch. You see, taking it from a practical point of view, it is impossible not to beat a detainee in the lock up if he is involved in some heavy cases, such as the one Mr. Dharmendran was involved with; shooting. […]

Duplicate Hindraf vs MIC

So, finally our minority Prime Minister who has some 70% fake followers in his Twitter account had come up with his ‘transformational cabinet’. The lack of Chinese in the cabinet was expected, but there was a lot of surprise this time around, the biggest of all; the inclusion of Waythamoorthy in the line up. You […]

Hindraf – The New MIC

On November 25 2007, Subramaniam woke up very early in the morning. There is a new beginning for the Indian’s in Malaysia. Years of oppression, suppression and careful marginalization will finally have some answers, or so they said. For the first time since Reformasi period, he will be in the streets again. With his bulging […]

Zulkifli Noordin and BN Winnable Candidates

UPDATE 16/4/2013 11.00 PM Look at the comments from MIC leaders. I don’t know what else to say la..All Indians please shut up, pakai kaili dan duduk rumah. —————————————————————————————— The first thing I saw when I opened my laptop today was the Boston bombing. Without a doubt, I immediately concluded this might be just another […]

Produk 1Malaysia

I hate people who are ungrateful . BN fellows are the most grateful, throw anything to them, they would grab it fast like a dog waiting for bones. Whatever the Gov does for them, including sometimes screwing them upside down, is well received and welcomed. For MIC particularly, Najib is God. Their only comeback would […]