Jelajah SutuMalaysia

I was unable to write for sometime because Facebook is blocked in North Vietnam, largely influenced by Communism. It took me sometime before I was able to find a workaround for it. And the first thing I opened up today morning in Facebook was these: Bapa Saiful Bukhari hari ini memohon maaf kepada Ketua Umum […]

The ‘Protected’ Criminals

This is in response to the article written by Ridhuan Tee titled Kesabaran Umat Islam Ada Had. If I were to write something that will ever have impact, it depends on the readers. I have a good amount of readers now in this blog to spread my message and words. I was not heavily influenced […]

Dogs and Malaysian Indians

Thanks to Bro Danny for the infos and thank you my Machas who were there by spirit or physically in the rally today. Share this… As usual the shameless MIC Youth had started their campaign right after Himpunan Rakyat today that saw nearly 100000 participants attending it without being bribed or given any ‘ang pow’. […]

Malaysian Kampung Elvis Presley

There are times that I will feel like I’m a complete dumbfuck. There are times that I will feel what I’m trying to explain looks like one extremely immatured view of how I see things. But what moves me forward and instill hope inside me, is seeing a person more insane, and particularly idiotic and […]

Mass Killer

The images posted here would be very disturbing, reason its posted is because I want you to know the atrocities and how extensive war crimes were committed to the Sri Lankan Tamils. Whenever someone talks about God and religion, and if that certain someone does not have faith in God, he usually ends up saying […]

Pejuang-pejuang India

Sarcasm. The beautiful thing about Malaysia is that despite our differences, we’re still living together side by side; happily and in harmony. If not because of these politicians, our country would have prospered way better than how it is now, and the little conflicts we have every now and then wouldn’t have existed. And despite […]


No media were there to cover the plight of these poor kids. The least you could do is read and create awareness about their plight to others. As I walked inside the school, I knew there was something seriously wrong with this school. A few Indian Machas were standing outside guarding against potential intruders perhaps, […]

Pregnant and Shot Dead – Selvamalar

As I began to study these cases, I uncovered chilling facts about how our boys are being executed, labeled criminals, and their families put to shame for the rest of their life. Hundreds of police shootout and custodial deaths involving Indians had happened, yet no proper investigation had ever been pursued.  I was standing outside […]

The Struggle of a Macha

This article contains a very disturbing image. I know you wouldn’t f***ing care anyway, just warning in advance. “Kumar-eh, ingge va,un kitte pesenum” “Kumar, come here, I need to talk to you” From her tone, I knew my mother is going to start preaching. “Ineme inthe yeletherethe yellam nipatte, nameke ithe yellam theveyeille” “Stop writing, […]

Satu Darah Jangan Marah

This blog was written a few weeks back.  My car is usually parked just in front of my house, which is opposite a playing field. Today, there was a bunch of Indian boys playing football, with dustbins placed on both side of the field, and my car is parked right behind one of the dustbin. […]