Exotic Meats of Indonesia

I try out everything during my travels, it’s part of the experience. Please don’t try to be a moral police. What is pet for you would be meat in another country, vice-versa, what is meat for you would be pet in another country. It’s been a month since I’ve come to Indonesia, and today would be the […]

Yogyakarta; Stunning and Touristic

It was 3.30 am, very early in the morning when I reached Yogyakarta. I was not due to meet my host until at least 8 am, so I knew I was in trouble.Fikri, my host from Malang was picked up by his brother. Carrying my huge backpacks and ignoring the touts, I walked towards one […]

Makanan Tradisi – Malang

“Lazat..Lazat…Makanan Tradisi Mas…coba..coba…” I looked and gazed into the eyes of the Indonesia guy, who is trying to offer some sort of food to me. It looked like some type of ‘meatballs’ , a greenish type of thing I’ve not seen anywhere in Indonesia. I was in the bus on the way to Malang from […]

Surabaya/Mt.Bromo – Encounter with Local Thugs

When I touched down Surabaya, I immediately felt something is wrong. As soon as I knew I’m in Indonesia, I’ve started missing my own country. How the fuck am  going to last 7 months travelling all over? Alone? I don’t know why I felt so, but probably things will get better over the days. Probably […]

Journey to the East

One year ago, I posted the below as my status. I was disappointed at that time, living a life where our family and corporate responsibilities supersedes our real goal in life. We’re all chasing after something, but we’re just chasing after it because everyone else is doing the same thing. We start studying from the […]

Amsterdam – Where nothing is Illegal

This is a travel write up written M1 style, if you’re sensitive(especially girls), don’t read.  As with all my travels, I do and try out everything that comes in my way.    “Sure, you’ve heard that Amsterdam is the city of ultimate freedom and one of the few places on Earth where marihuana and prostitution are […]

Europe – Paris, France

We left London on Monday night, leaving by coach in an 8 hour ride to Paris. At around 7am in the morning, we reached Gallieni. We tried to check into the hotel we booked, called Mister Hotel but we were unable to because it was too early.  Fortunately, the hotel is located just nearby the […]

Europe – UK

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote, and I’m having difficulties starting up again. It’s because I still can’t get over my vacation. For those who didn’t know, the reason for my absence was because I was travelling, in some cities around Europe. Of course, this article will be about the travel. Let […]

India – Part 3

Day 5 0700 – We woke up early in the morning as usual. We had breakfast, checked out from the hotel and after one final stroll in Palani, we headed to Kodaikanal. I was so excited about Kodaikanal, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. After a horrifying ride through the hills (it really was), […]

India – Part 2

After all this lines of mine, if you fail to pen a line,it will greatly discourage me. Spend a minute on the comment section.Read this when you have lots of free time, otherwise my efforts are just a waste. Day 3 We woke up early at 7.30 am, and took a bus to Danushkodi.Only from […]

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