How we caught the Moyi Thirudi within 48 hours…

“Moyi kana pochan” It was at the peak of my post-wedding-moments when everyone was actually giving out gifts and ‘moyi’.I looked at my wife and she informed me that we’ve lost the money bag. By the time most of you were greeting us, the bride side has lost all their money. Not even one was […]

Awesome Thaipusam!

“Thalle! thalle! thalle! DEI THALLE!” (Move aside) A young guy in his 30’s was being held in a plastic chair, he had slash wounds all over his body. It was horrifying and even by looking at it both my balls was up in my throat, and he was being rushed perhaps for the ambulance by […]

Top 5 Wannabe Ustaz

There had been too many individual cases of insulting non-Muslims in this country lately that I decided to come up with a countdown for the best of the worst. The reason why I’ve chosen not to highlight about other cases is because most of them were not as seriously highlighted, and cases involving non-Muslims are […]

Bulb Baba

RPT silap masuk, itheke meleh unggeleke attack meleh attack than. In upcoming blogs which would be published in , I will expose all their internal teachings . Last week, I received yet another warning from a fellow friend, who have close contacts with the most famous bulb eating circus performers in Malaysia; the RPTians […]

The Joy of Pain – Sabarimalai

“Swami Appa, Ayappa” Deep breath… “Saranam Appa, Ayappa” I chanted slowly, catching up with my breath as I try to digest through what I’ve got myself involved with… As I looked ahead, darkness started to fall in and we’re now walking deep inside the forest, and our journey had just began. After 48 days of […]

Beribu Syaitan Naik Batu Caves

Had to insert this post in between the Sabarimala posting, because I’m so pissed. Without a doubt, many issues raised in this blog had always revolved around race, religion, ethnicity and our Indian community here in Malaysia. We’re living in a country where there are 3 major races; the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. […]

Guluji Guluji Poo Pode

Seriously, my hands are tied. I just can’t type my style when I’m fasting. I’m writing this just so that you’re aware of what’s happening… I’m a big fan of Shirdi Sai Baba. I like the man because of his principles and the way he had lived his life. He was a mere fakir, begged […]

Johnnie Walker Muniswaran

When I was around the age of 14, I used to follow a few ‘seniors’ of mine who was very active in downloading God into their body. There is a Kali temple inside the Klang graveyard, so we used to frequent the temple every now and then. Multiple poojas would be conducted by these self-trained […]

The Beginning

I was in Perak when our Prime Minister; Najib presented Budget 2014, which makes no difference to us anyway; but makes a lot of difference to the government cronies like UMNO, MCA and MIC. As usual, millions were thrown in here and there, and as a citizen of this country, we were advised to save […]

The Word Allah 2

Read Part 1 I basically ignored this issue until… “A Muslim rights group has urged Christians in the country to accept the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Allah issue or consider migrating. Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Christians must accept the supremacy of Islam in the country and safeguard the […]

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