The Naga Babas

From the days I started writing, I had always been critical about our beliefs and things we do in the name of God. The path of spiritual is subjective, people will only believe in what they want to believe, ignoring the rest in pursuit of the interest they’ve been conditioned in ever since they were […]

Desi Baba

I don’t like hurting people, but truth hurts. I was in a temple a week back; and the only priest there happens to be a friend of mine. There was another young couple, in their early 20’s with a baby in their hand. The priest started the ritual , and then went to the couple. […]

Weakness of the Bible

This is a very sensitive topic, discuss maturely. Don’t carry your parang. ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’ ..was the headline of Utusan Malaysia, a newspaper cum toilet paper owned by BN/UMNO a day after the election. Of course, it was expected. The moment they are in power again, UMNO had started their racial politics and scare […]

The Word Allah

As you know; I’m currently travelling, but I’m still keeping in touch with all the issues that is happening in Malaysia. In fact that’s the first thing I read and update myself whenever I get a Wi-Fi connection. Every travelers that I meet in the streets talks highly about Malaysia, and they all generally have […]


I’m in the ship cruising to Medan, all the way from Jakarta, which would take at least 3 days. I’m already on my third day in the ship,in a small cell  with my other jail mate, going through hard times. I have many other travel blogs pending, but I decided to bring forward this post. […]

My Yoga Journey

I humbly bow down in respect of my spiritual Master B.K.S Iyengar and to my guru Master Mani. You may learn directly from Master Mani – visit I first met Master Mani when I invited him to conduct a charity event in SJKT Pulau Carey, back in April 2011. It was early in the […]

Lord Muruga in Danger

I spend a considerable amount of time online because I manage a lot of things online, and I troll pages like Nambikei and MIC for my daily dose of jokes. I’ve written about Thaipusam in the past, about the significance of the festival and how Thaipusam draws millions of dollars of revenue for the Batu […]

Zakir Naik and the Innocence of Muslims

Around afternoon today, thousands of protesters mostly Muslims gathered around US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to protest against a low budget movie called ‘ Innocence of Muslims’. The peaceful protest was a success with memorandum presented to the necessary parties. The cause was right; no religion shall ever be insulted, what more degraded in a […]

The Sensational Siti Safarina

This is written in the assumption that the source is genuine. In the earlier days when I started blogging, I did not have much source. I have to literally go through, read, analyze, and find enough evidence and other related things before I can even start typing about a topic. Nowadays, things flow into my […]

Lord Shiva ‘ehem ehem’ with Nandi the Bull

  Be matured and sensitive while discussing about this topic, be careful with what you say, don’t put me in trouble. No remarks related to religion should be made. Target the man, not the religion. Share and Like. When I was very young, I lived in Shah Alam. I was a small kid around the […]