Hello and welcome to the new concept of “M1 blogging”. This introduction page should enlighten you on what is M1 blogging is all about. Although it might sound very professional, the main theme of M1 blogging is providing fun and entertainment through writing.

So, why are we different from others?

The main concept of M1 is to provide readers with news and current affairs. But not in the old fashioned way anymore. The long dull explanation and advice that is usually given had been emphasised and improved.

M1 themed articles will be based on actual facts and things that is truly happening around us. Our culture, society and other happenings around us that have been never exposed in writings, will be revealed without no more concern on what others would be thinking.

Please do bear in mind that it is not like we’re not concerned or do not care a fuck on what others think, but the thing is the article will resemble the actual fact of what is happening and thus it might provoke some of the poor souls out there. That is what we’re not going to care about.

The words that is used in this type of articles might include profanity words sometimes. Nevertheless, it is all for fun as has been mentioned earlier. If you happened to be a sensitive person and you do not like what we have wrote, feel free to hop to another site of your choice as no one is holding you back or on the other way around, if you wish to argue with us, do not hesitate to post your comments, or to be precise, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS.

If you have a look at the articles that have been written by fellow M1 bloggers, it all exposes the real truth on what is happening around us. The truth in which we are all aware of but no one seems to be talking about it.

M1 is Maire 1. Machan bloggers, uses the term of M1 to say ‘We don’t care’ or ‘We don’t give a damn!’.

There is no rules and regulations to join M1 bloggers, but sticking to the original idea, the way you’re writing your articles should be based on actual facts. You should not be afraid of exposing things that will get you bombarded. Infact, ‘getting bombarded’ won’t be a big deal for M1 bloggers.

RagedIndian and Makkez : M1 had finally become something serious…

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  • S.Jane

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    Hello everyone, i think this blog is really coooooooolllllllllll babe…

  • Anonymous

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    My email’s there if you’d like to contact me. I’m quite interested in blogging and in joining the M1 bloggers, mind showing me the path? thank you =]


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    hie i got lots of topics 2 write about, can i join my blog as M1 bloggers? how can i do ?

  • vking

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    tis blog will b very helpfull for evry1…especialy 4 d indians..very nice,i njoyd it…

  • kalaimani

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    caste was not introduced by brahmins as been written in the tamil press thru the the propanganda of the DMkparty in tamilnadu but was introduced as an economic system by the indian monarchy.itevolved into castes. it is as simple as that. the backwardness in the past was due to lack f mass education over centuries. so a law in malaysia saying ” all castes are of equal status would do good to malaysian indians. some may feel sh about how malays and chinese will think of us? this is rubbish as it is better to be honest and sweeps matters under the carpet as MIC has been doin for the last 60 years.


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