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Sometimes some quotes comes into my head , and I feel rather than letting it die in my brains, I should compile it here.

 Organized religion does more harm than good to the world today. Break out of it. Spiritualism is beyond religion.

Remember that what you’re in flesh today would be ash tomorrow.  You shall be remembered,you shall be known. Don’t live as mere trash.

Man made religion made man madman.

It’s not how you live, it’s what you leave.

Feed many, deny none.

Children’s are equivalent to God. Why give millions to God whom you’ve not seen, when you have millions of ‘Gods’ living around you whom you can see and help?

The people who smokes weed don’t cause war, the people who ‘smokes’ greed causes war.

I fear one day I will be killed by the (very) people I’m trying to help.

Religion is about having faith, not having God.

A child is your greatest teacher. Humble, innocent, kind and god-like.

I have but a simple policy, as long as you induce no harm on others, its perfectly fine to do anything.

Nobody is here to live forever, but I’m positive I’m going to leave a positive legacy.

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