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Please note that this post might contain extremely sensitive jokes, and this is also not my first attempt of doing so. Please, and I say again, please, only look at the funnier side of the review I have done, and DO NOT take this seriously or pay details to anything. Although true names had been used, it is only for the purpose of humor, I do not want any of you to get worked up. If you’re sensitive to extreme parody or humor, please , do not proceed to read and waste my fucking time replying to your hate comments(at the same time making yourself look like a fool as well). This post is also extremely vulgar , well, it might be for some.

I have the highest respect for the mentioned actors here as well.  I think I have explained enough.

Cast: Rajnikanth , Shreya, Vivek
Direction: Shankar
Music:A. R Rahman

Movie Name : Sivaji the Boss

Rajini starrer Sivaji is an exceptional blockbuster hit, just like all of his previous movies. The movie is about Sivaji (Rajinikanth), a 60 year old with a heroin (Shreya) a girl 3 times younger than Sivaji.

It’s typical Rajini movies whereby he would be rich, and then he becomes poor, and in the end becomes rich again. Continue Reading –>

Cast Away

Ok, MIC won. Sad news indeed. But I’ll just look at it from this angle, MIC won with 24,997 votes, to PKR with 23272 votes. Which means there are more than 23000 unsatisfied people in Hulu Selangor. Let us hope that people like below would be identified and given proper help rather than the usual barking done by Indian political parties without offering proper help.


If you want to catch  hot and serious reviews about the current by-election, go HERE. Brother Balajoe is doing a run-up.

I was totally shocked when I saw this news clipping. I’ve seen people who are living in dire condition, until their skins are sticking to their bones, but to see them right here in Malaysia, moreover since they happen to be Indian, my emotions are running high. Look at this below picture, I’ll elaborate further on this next, but since it’s Hulu Selangor election time, let’s have a run up until elections day. Continue Reading –>

The Notorious P.Kalimuthu

I’m not sure about you, but I still remember the nationwide horror that this man caused until everyone was scared and stayed indoors once upon a time, around 17 years back. Although being the most notorious killer in Malaysian history, there is little information about him anywhere on the Internet. I’ve combined offline and online sources to write this article. This article was originally in Malay.

I’m not in any way trying to promote this wicked criminal, but rather trying to tell you the story of the most notorious criminal in Malaysia once upon a time. I could not grab hold of his picture, if any of you have a copy, I would be grateful if you could send it over to me.


It’s easy for him to kill anyone. When the man feels angry, he would just shoot and kill anyone who had made him angry without thinking of the consequences. He had never thought that owning a gun or killing someone in cold blood is punishable by death in court. Continue Reading –>


We all know what is the latest in Malaysian politics. As much as I love politics, I would not want to miss out writing about this. So here I’m , with a simple question which I would throw out to you. There are news all over that support from the ground from Indians for MIC is overwhelming. Maybe I would throw out that question to you and let some people see how is sentiment on the ground really is for BN or PKR.

zaid Continue Reading –>

A Reminder

This post contains some very graphic images. View at your own risk.

My sincere condolence to the family and friends of two brothers who was shot dead last week. Time and again, as I’ve written in the past, Indians obviously seems to be on the receiving end of the bullet. Two brothers from the same family, both with multiple previous convictions, what can you expect?

Continue Reading –>

Facebook Retards


We all have people adding us randomly in Facebook. In fact, the definition social network had been misused by so many Facebook Kamachis and Muthus that all they end up doing in Facebook is adding up people randomly without any purpose. I tend to always trim down my Facebook contacts from time to time, in case I’ve added people that I’ve not known. You see, it’s totally fine if you add up someone just to get to know him/her, but when you do add, it doesn’t take a few minutes to send up a message politely to introduce yourself.

After all, there’s nothing wrong making new friends. But what infuriate me are the ones that adds you up, and when you ask them something, they answer you blankly, making you wonder what is the point of adding you up in the first place. See below screenshot from a Facebook Kamachi and what she got in return.

Continue Reading –>

All in All

You know, at some point of your life, you would realize that you need to grow up. Maybe you might think that you need to achieve higher things, set higher targets for yourself, or you just want to grow more mentally than the way you’re now.

People around you influence the way you’re living your life. And being an Indian, people would very much try to unsettle you all the time, making you feel so uncomfortable till you raise the bar yet again to prove yourself. It’s not like lately, but I do set some standards on myself, on how I should be in a few years time and so on. But have you realized no matter how much you achieve, you’re just looked upon the same level by some people? Continue Reading –>

Freak Accident

This post goes as a dedication to my working mate who died in an accident early on Monday morning. This accident occured in Taman Midah BHP petrol station. The victim is actually my team leader who sits directly behind me, and it seems the woman who hit my working mate was driving under the influence of alcohol. CCTV in the petrol station captured the whole horrifying scene, and you can watch it below.

News clipping :

KUALA LUMPUR: A man was killed when a skidding car crashed into him while he was filling up his car with petrol at a petrol station in Taman Midah, Jalan Cheras, here, Sunday night.

City traffic police investigation and prosecution division head DSP Abdullah Roning said in the 10.30pm incident, the injured driver, Mohd Yusri Abdul Wahab, was taken to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital where he died at 2.15am from head injuries. Continue Reading –>

My Tragic Fishing Story

From times I can’t remember, fishing had always been one of my favorite past time. I would not lie to you that I’m very good with my rod(my fishing rod I mean), which makes me an average skilled fishing guy , but although I’ve not caught any record number of fish so far, I still go crazy when it comes to fishing. Not many share the same passion and patience required to go fishing though, so I’m fortunate that all my friends have the same interest just like me. Continue Reading –>


Inspired by an email I’ve received few months ago, I am going to  write this article.  When something happens, or when you get shocked looking at something, you might end up saying “What the Fuck”. Shortly known as WTF, this word had evolved more  like a household word that we use everyday. Let me give you a few examples of what might make you say WTF.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

WTF?! Continue Reading –>