The Joy of Pain – Sabarimalai

“Swami Appa, Ayappa”

Deep breath…

“Saranam Appa, Ayappa”

I chanted slowly, catching up with my breath as I try to digest through what I’ve got myself involved with…

As I looked ahead, darkness started to fall in and we’re now walking deep inside the forest, and our journey had just began. After 48 days of intense spiritual fasting in Malaysia, the journey to Sabarimalai now starts from Erumeli and it will be a long walk; around 86 km’s till we reach Sabarimalai, the abode of Lord Ayappa.

Me with Suren Sami, and Perumal Sami

Around 50 million strong crowd throng the Dharma Sastha temple in Sabarimalai from November to January each year, making it the largest pilgrimage in the world.

“AYYAPPAN know as AYYAN who belonged to the Vellalar Kulam, was the army chief of the Pandalam royal family.Ayyan was instrumental in the defeat of Udayanan, who attacked Sabarimala and tried to demolish the ancient Sastha temple in the thick forest of present Pathanamthitta district.

During a clash, Ayyappan got killed. After the demise of Ayyappan; people thought that he was the avatar of Lord Sastha and began to worship him. Later Ayyappan and Sastha became synonymous.”

I’m very lucky because during my growing up years, I’ve always been exposed with spiritualism. I’ve tried and experimented with many types of things, until I got involved seriously in yoga and subsequently Kriya Yoga. But sufficient to say, from piercing to ‘god downloading’, I’ve tried it all. Continue Reading –>

Beribu Syaitan Naik Batu Caves

Had to insert this post in between the Sabarimala posting, because I’m so pissed.

Without a doubt, many issues raised in this blog had always revolved around race, religion, ethnicity and our Indian community here in Malaysia. We’re living in a country where there are 3 major races; the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. Of course, looking at our economical and social status, it’s obvious that we’re topping the chart in the wrong way. Generally most people have developed some sort of perception against us, the Malaysian Indians.

Negative perception.

Thaipusam this year was marred with only 1 murder, fortunately.

Over the years, our Machas had created a perception that Thaipusam is a festival where gory rituals are conducted and a place for us to freely dance after getting intoxicated. Quite a number of Machas had been involved in all the wrong activities during the spiritual event, and of course since Tamils form the biggest majority here in Malaysia; most of these Machas are usually Tamils.People from other race or religion may view us differently, as what happened recently. An individual named Man Namblast blasted:

Habislah. Malaysian Indians kecoh all over. Of course, our nature is not to admit though these things are actually happening in our festival. Why? Because not ALL Tamils or Indians are actually causing this social nuisance. Only selected few. How can the Malay guy generalize all those climbing the stairs as syaitan? Continue Reading –>

Guluji Guluji Poo Pode

Seriously, my hands are tied. I just can’t type my style when I’m fasting. I’m writing this just so that you’re aware of what’s happening…

Shirdi Sai Baba.

I’m a big fan of Shirdi Sai Baba. I like the man because of his principles and the way he had lived his life. He was a mere fakir, begged for his food and never had any belongings; but he had miraculous healing powers and millions still throng to his ‘city’ until today because of the great respect they have for him. Continue Reading –>

Powderful Woman

All praises to Guru G for his guidance.If something happens to me, you know who did it.

Yesterday, as I was browsing through, something caught my attention. The Prime Minister wife was personally invited to attend an event in Qatar and Malaysian government had approved the usage of government jet that can cost a whopping RM 470000 for a single flight. That’s your tax money by the way…

Well, tax money being misused is not something new to us anyway. The opposition was once again riled by this attitude of overspending our money thus came the reply from Putrajaya…

Putrajaya has defended Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s recent use of a government jet for her trip to Qatar, saying the trip was “fruitful”.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said Malaysians should be proud that the Prime Minister’s wife was invited to the Gulf state to discuss “many things”.

This type of things sometimes pisses me off. As if misusing our funds is not bad enough, they come and defend these acts with utterly ridiculous statements without the backing of any solid data.

And then out of nowhere …

Enathe cabinet ah ? You’ve been briefed ah? You’re fully aware ah? Ningge yethekela aware agenum?
Continue Reading –>

Johnnie Walker Muniswaran

When I was around the age of 14, I used to follow a few ‘seniors’ of mine who was very active in downloading God into their body. There is a Kali temple inside the Klang graveyard, so we used to frequent the temple every now and then. Multiple poojas would be conducted by these self-trained priests, almost all the time screaming hysterically; probably from being possessed by some spirits. Coming to think of it now, it was indeed a horrifying experience; sitting deep inside a temple located inside a graveyard surrounded by multiple Machas with their tongues wiggling out depicting Goddess Kali, staring sharply at you and predicting how my future would be. Once the downloading and drama is over, they would sit down and have a few balut (weed).

All these inside the temple.

A separate section from the temple we used to lepak. This is Pechayiamman. A very rare statue.

Let’s go to the recent Muniswarar temple demolition issue.

“Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor said the priest visited the shrine prior to Deepavali and found only six worshippers.

“The priest went to the toilet, and he found hard liquor stored inside. The priest said that it’s a disgrace to his religion,” he said today.”

First thing first, it’s obvious that the temple was not entirely demolished.

Second, all those muttal Indians who followed Waythamoorty sutte to vote for BN deserve this of course, because you voted them to power thinking that they can be trusted. That Memorandum of Understanding signed by Waythamoorthy is not even worth toilet paper in the eyes of Najib. Continue Reading –>

The Beginning

I was in Perak when our Prime Minister; Najib presented Budget 2014, which makes no difference to us anyway; but makes a lot of difference to the government cronies like UMNO, MCA and MIC. As usual, millions were thrown in here and there, and as a citizen of this country, we were advised to save on our bills, and live moderately. PM even announced that the cut in sugar subsidy would actually help to improve our sex life; which is important because the government needs to fuck us all the time.

“THE utility bills of the Prime Minister’s official residence Seri Perdana in Putrajaya came to RM2.3mil last year, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.

In a written reply to Anthony Loke (DAP-Seremban), he said RM2,237,788.13 was spent on electricity while RM311,174.25 was spent on water throughout 2012.

Shahidan also said that the electricity and water bills for the Deputy Prime Minister’s official residence Sri Satria were RM865,458.56 and RM99,264.03 for last year.”

A whopping RM 2.3 million just for utility bills alone and our PM is talking about living moderately. Of course, no one can question them anyway. A good example is the recent Auditor General report; despite millions of public funds wasted by corrupted officials, none of them would be investigated or charged.
Continue Reading –>

The Word Allah 2

Read Part 1

I basically ignored this issue until…

“A Muslim rights group has urged Christians in the country to accept the Court of Appeal’s decision on the Allah issue or consider migrating.

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Christians must accept the supremacy of Islam in the country and safeguard the country’s harmony among races and religion.

He warned that Muslims will oppose any move which threatened their position in the Constitution.”

The amount of shit being spewed by our local good-for-nothing NGO’s including people like Ibrahim Ali are beyond amazing. I’m seriously fucking raged, as if we do not have enough issues to migrate already; this piece of fucks seems to think that they have the rights to order us out of the country anytime they feel so.

Musuh musuh kami ! Fuyo, ayat power nak mampus

Who gave us the right to rule on how we should address the supreme energy of the universe? It’s funny that this matter was even brought to court. What is mere word in front of faith? I’ve uttered Allah thousands of times while singing Bhajan and during my school assembly, and though I no longer believe in the concept of organized religion, I believe in the Supreme Spirit. Every Monday morning during my schooling days assembly, we chorus out Allah while singing out loud and proud. None of my Muslim mates were offended. I also found out that the Herald(the publication alleged of misusing the word Allah) had been published since the year 1994.  Why did no one raise any objection all these while? Continue Reading –>

The Notorious Machas

The article was written based on what I saw and heard. Something else might have transpired there.

I was in Changkat last night, together with three of my friends; one of them is a cop. After finishing our prayers, it was already around 2 am when we parted ways and I left. I decided to eat steamboat, so I picked a few sticks and dipped it inside the saucy boiling water. Just when I pulled out the sticks, I heard a commotion.

Of course; a fight.

Around 10 Machas were chasing down a white guy, who clearly looks frightened. He slumped near the steam boat van and to my horror; his face had already been disfigured and bleeding profusely. He pleads for mercy while the Machas continues to shout to him…

“Zay sorry!”

“Hey, zey sorry!”

I seriously have no idea what the white guy had really done; but I overheard some of the conversation. It seems like the guy had disturbed another guy or girl in the club.

“Veleh karen punde adi vanggena, kandipa melesiyake thiripi varamatan”, said one of the guy happily discussing about it and laughing out loud.

Clearly it was not a heavy case. Just a  misunderstanding. Though I was feeling tipsy and felt braver, I basically could not do anything to stop the violence. All the Machas were heavily tattooed and it’s a guarantee that someone like me will be squashed within minutes if I had tried to help. But why 10 against 1 helpless white man? Continue Reading –>

Nai Story

I’ve been receiving a video clip showing dogs being captured by municipal council workers and people are going emotional that this is animal cruelty of the highest order. The workers can be seen in the video clip mistreating the dogs captured, and at least one of it is bleeding from its mouth. People as usual are calling for these ‘bastards’ to be killed or to be tortured the same way.Some are saying that these workers would go to hell for doing this…


I’ve stressed this many times, and people don’t like when I talk about it. You must understand that there are different types of animals; such as cows, goats, pigs, chicken and fish. You think only dogs has problems?

Chickens also got problem.

Sick and deformed chickens suffering inside a chicken factory farm

Goats also got problem.

Couple killed in action for Deepavali function

While I absolutely agree that the dogs should not have been tortured, I couldn’t agree with the way people are reacting towards the municipal workers. This is because we’re no better than them, in fact might be far even worst. Continue Reading –>

The Naga Babas

From the days I started writing, I had always been critical about our beliefs and things we do in the name of God. The path of spiritual is subjective, people will only believe in what they want to believe, ignoring the rest in pursuit of the interest they’ve been conditioned in ever since they were young.


In Malaysia, our spiritual belief is extremely strong. Some rubs pig’s ass thinking that will bring good luck, while some run after few holy men thinking that they’re God. A prime example is shown below of how people might misinterpret teachings of their guru and come up with ridiculously idiotic stories. This sometimes perplexes me.

This was circulating around in Facebook today.

I’m not really sure who’s behind this, and how far this is true. But I’ll let you judge it yourself.


Recently a video clip is circulating around the net showing up Nagini Druvinka Puri in Ipoh Shirdi Sai center blessing the crowd of curious devotees. The video spread like wild fire, of course attracting hundreds of negative comments. I don’t blame anyone who has commented about her, but I don’t think she deserves it. Continue Reading –>