Garang dan Parang

I’ve written about many issues in this blog, highlighting crime and social issues which are plaguing our community today. The vast majority of young Indian boys are now getting involved in gangs, some of them without knowing what they’re getting themselves into…

Last week, netizens were busy sharing a video clip showing a 33 year old man writhing in pain after being slashed up without mercy by rival gang members. Look around you, you will know where our boys are going nowadays. Take a look at numerous funeral of Indian boys, the deceased friends would proudly be displaying gang flags and symbols  in their parade.

Young boys nowadays are even more dangerous than other organized crimes in this country. They act emotionally, without knowing the consequences.

It’s been years since I’ve ever been to club, but due to invitation by very close friends; I walked in to an Indian club in Changkat recently. Young Machas were dancing their heart out, and the crowd looked fairly decent. After a few rounds, I wanted to dance. While dancing, I accidentally (I repeat ACCIDENTALY) stepped on one of the Indian guy shoe who was dancing there. I quickly smiled at him, shaked his hand, tapped his shoulder and said ‘Sorry bro, silap’. He looked at me with no emotion. I retreated (chinne payen kitte adi vangge venamene) and went back to my table . From that moment onwards, he and his team mates started the staring game. Though I was well protected, my friend thought it was no longer safe for me to be there and we left.

See how such a small incident can tick them off so badly…

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Desi Baba

I don’t like hurting people, but truth hurts.

I was in a temple a week back; and the only priest there happens to be a friend of mine. There was another young couple, in their early 20’s with a baby in their hand. The priest started the ritual , and then went to the couple. Usually you will have to say your name and those who are in your family, so that he can perform the rituals. I saw the priest frowning when they whispered the name,obviously not pleased.

When I spoke to him later, he told me that they’ve done prayers for the well being of Dato Seri Yoga Ngana Sittar, a well known man among Malaysian Indian community today. He further went on explaining how poor the couple is and yet they were willing to borrow money from him(the priest) to attend a specific course.


Now, when I posted a picture of this guru a week back in my fan page asking for opinion, many of their followers started their mild threats against me. I actually wanted positive response from them, but instead they asked me not to question their guru. They ask me not to talk if I’ve not attended the course.

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Malaysian Indian Hot Girls

You see, many of you had written to me about this issue. I really didn’t want to write about it because it will make it even more viral. But; your call.  As some of you may have already known, a number of pages had come up recently uploading pictures of Indian Meenachis in Facebook. Their motive is mostly so that some Machas can wank off looking at these pictures, while the rest are saying they’re in a way educating these young girls on how to dress up.

Have we faced these issues before? Of course we had, this is not something new. It has been there since the days of Friendster. I’m going to be very direct and blunt in discussing this, and it might contradict with what you pejuang pejuang wanita might have in mind.

You see, when someone opens up a page to upload these pictures, he will usually have a good collection of pictures already . This is plucked from various sources , and I can safely say almost all of it would have been plucked directly from various girls profile. Can you see his role here? He is doing a compilation, means he is putting them all in one place. You can of course blame him for infringing the rights of others, but remember that anything that is uploaded on Facebook ; you no longer have exclusive rights to the pictures.

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Mati Dalam Lokap

Yet another death in police custody and all we can do is sit and watch. You see, taking it from a practical point of view, it is impossible not to beat a detainee in the lock up if he is involved in some heavy cases, such as the one Mr. Dharmendran was involved with; shooting. It is normally unofficial part of the interrogation process; but to beat someone to death is another thing altogether. Over the past decade, hundreds of detainees had died in the lock up, with hardly any action taken against the culprits behind it.

The image of the police force in this country is fast deteriorating because of these mistakes.

I still remember when I was about 18 years old; I was waiting for the bus in the Taman Sentosa bus stop while checking out some Meenachis when few Machas zig-zagged several times with their Honda EX5’s. No helmets of course, and they were doing some monkey stunts trying to impress the Meenachis.  Obviously not interested with the monkeys (and also me), they were sitting restlessly hoping that the bus would soon arrive.

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Weakness of the Bible

This is a very sensitive topic, discuss maturely. Don’t carry your parang.

‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?’

..was the headline of Utusan Malaysia, a newspaper cum toilet paper owned by BN/UMNO a day after the election. Of course, it was expected. The moment they are in power again, UMNO had started their racial politics and scare tactics. We’ve grown up in Malaysia carefully separated by the ideology that somehow we’re all different. We study side by side with another Malaysian yet we have to identify ourselves as Indians, Chinese and the Malays.

The funniest thing about Malaysia is the people who are linked to the Government spew so much shit onto the people yet none of them get arrested or even get warned.  When Najib was asked to comment about the headline of Utusan, he rebutted saying that the Chinese papers is equally wrong as well. That means Najib is encouraging such articles in our mainstream medias , isn’t it? Hypocrites who will go down to do anything including playing drums and dressing up like a Chinese to beg votes, yet when he is rejected, he shows up his true color.

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Duplicate Hindraf vs MIC

So, finally our minority Prime Minister who has some 70% fake followers in his Twitter account had come up with his ‘transformational cabinet’. The lack of Chinese in the cabinet was expected, but there was a lot of surprise this time around, the biggest of all; the inclusion of Waythamoorthy in the line up.

You know , to be honest; I will never say that all BN fellows are bad. For an example, the appointment of P. Kamalanathan is well worth it, and to put him as Deputy Education Minister is applaudable. I personally think he is a hardworking and clean guy, forget about the ‘kissing’ incident, it doesn’t make sense to rate him down just for that.

Next comes, Saifuddin Abdullah. In my humble opinion, he is the only UMNO minister I would respect to date. Outspoken, intelligent and talks with sense and style. He should have been in the cabinet, appointed through backdoor pun tak  kisah.  S.K Devamany, the popular man who had enormous support in Cameron Highlands for decades had to sacrifice his seat for G.Palanivel. He was made a scapegoat, but then, for all the hard work all these years, he was left in the lurch. Continue Reading –>

Hindraf – The New MIC

On November 25 2007, Subramaniam woke up very early in the morning. There is a new beginning for the Indian’s in Malaysia. Years of oppression, suppression and careful marginalization will finally have some answers, or so they said. For the first time since Reformasi period, he will be in the streets again. With his bulging beer belly and at the age of 55, he was determined to make his presence.

The new leaders are God sent for Indians in this country. This is a revolution, or so he thought. By the time he was there, thousands of Indians had already congested the city center, heeding the call of their new leaders, the Hindraf 5. The rest was history. Tear gassed, smoked, water cannoned , arrested, beaten and humiliated. Yet they stood firm. They stood for a cause. Without a doubt , that was the turning point for Indians in Malaysia.

Thousands of Malaysian Indians were there on that day, all of them were hardcore supporters of a cause. I was a young Macha who cared little about Malaysia at that time, but my friends were not the same. They all took the beatings in the streets. They all nearly died for their cause.

6 years later, Hindraf is broken into so many pieces that even the supporters are confused which one is the original Hindraf. Though separated, their cause remained the same. Reject BN for the continuous marginalization of the Indians in this country. I was beyond shocked when I heard that Hindraf self-claimed chairman Mr. Waythamoorthy decided to set a deal with our ex prime minister, Najib.  Those who stood there getting the beatings during the rally had been betrayed. Their cause had been betrayed. My father, Mr. Subramaniam had been betrayed. Continue Reading –>

Zulkifli Noordin and BN Winnable Candidates

UPDATE 16/4/2013 11.00 PM

Look at the comments from MIC leaders. I don’t know what else to say la..All Indians please shut up, pakai kaili dan duduk rumah.


The first thing I saw when I opened my laptop today was the Boston bombing. Without a doubt, I immediately concluded this might be just another attack against America in the name of religion. People are rather willing to detonate in the name of religion rather than unite.Sad.

It’s election time in Malaysia, and while the country is expecting to see capable and qualified candidates to lead the people, it is not going to happen.

Yet again.

I really don’t feel like discussing MIC list of winnable candidates; it’s entirely hopeless. I will agree that MIC had made some strategical moves, including moving their President all the way up the Cameron hill to contest there. Utta Palani sar eh Palani malaike ethirvangge… Continue Reading –>

Produk 1Malaysia

I hate people who are ungrateful . BN fellows are the most grateful, throw anything to them, they would grab it fast like a dog waiting for bones. Whatever the Gov does for them, including sometimes screwing them upside down, is well received and welcomed. For MIC particularly, Najib is God.

Their only comeback would be coming up with more porn videos involving Anwar Ibrahim, and other opposition leaders.

Recently they came up with videos relating Nurul Izzah, which shows their mentality and political maturity. Dato Seri Najib, ever since taking over the office from Tun Abdullah Badawi had brought in some of the most remarkable changes in our life. One of the most important thing that he embarked on was 1Malaysia concept.  Anywhere you go these days, 1Malaysia follows you. Our PM’s face is plastered everywhere, from trains to taxis, from billboards to cupboards,which of course shows how desperate our PM is… Continue Reading –>

The Quota System

“Adding to its woes, the school cannot hire a gardener to clean its grounds for lack of funds, the paper said.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman M. Mohan said they had appealed to both the Federal and state authorities for help but the plight of the school went unanswered.

“The PTA has written to the school headmaster, district education department as well as the Education Ministry but there has been no reply.

“There was also a proposal two years ago to build a multi-purpose hall at the school, with MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel handing over a mock cheque for RM150,000,” he said, adding that there has been no action on the matter.

The school has 275 students and 26 teachers.”

I read with anger; yet again that another school is being neglected and the kids are suffering because of someone’s personal greed. I’m seriously tired of talking about this, but this is the only option I have, to remind you and keep you boiled about this situation from time to time.

The kids struggle from the beginning denied proper education and facilities while they’re studying in primary schools.


Millions of dollars thrown in every year to support vernacular education, especially Tamil school education. Tell me some of you please; have you seen a proper account till now? Why do we have papers like The Star which is owned by MCA reporting that a Tamil school is in a dying condition? At least MCA has some guts. All thirutte nayis are working 24 hours to steal each allocation given to these schools.

Dr. Mahathir once said, Melayu muda lupa. I’m not really sure about that, but I’m very sure that India mudah lupa. We’re so forgetful about everything that has been inflicted upon us all this while. We don’t even look back and question the pain that has degenerated our generation so backward that we occupy nearly 60% in prison at the moment. Continue Reading –>