The Plan – Charity

So, yes, with the first part of the charity over, let’s go on to the second part. Before that, I would like to say huge thanks for all those who had supported my cause for this current charity. The initial target of RM 1000 was broken way out of record, with a total collection of […]

Charity:Hook Me Up

UPDATE : Confirmed transactions : Durai  : RM 100 Brother IP : RM 101 Brother Deva : RM 50 Brother Lizard : RM 50 True Gemini : RM 100 G : RM 100 Brother Kavilan (Klang, S’gor) :RM 100 Viji : RM 50 Geetha : RM 50 Brother Sri : RM 100 Sis Shaila : […]

Temple’s vs Schools

I’ve a great long term plan coming up, and I would be planning it together with none other than you. I guess you’re getting tired of my ramblings as well, and my half-baked charities. It’s time for a new beginning perhaps, and the implementation stage might take longer than any of you might have imagined. […]

Happy Deepavali!

I’m tired and writing this despite being exhausted after my recent dance and drink vacation in Pulai Spring Resort. You should check out the place, it’s wonderful. I’ll be away after Deepavali for a vacation again thus there won’t be any update for some time.This post marks the start of my Deepavali celebration . It’s […]

Heaven on Earth

This post was written a week back and would be auto-published.  I’m in Pulau Spring Resort , JB  by the time you’re reading this. Have a wonderful weekend It was around 9.45 in the morning and I am driving back after work .There seem to be a massive traffic jam thus I cursed and waited […]

Each one of us is unique. Some might have a lot of similarities, but the fact remains that every one of us, vary from each other. Even twins possess only similar physical value, but mentally or characteristics’ might differ. Just like that, some people might like watching porn. They might allocate 1 hour per day […]