I know some of you do not like the idea. Some of you are sitting on the fence(no comments). Some of you said why not? So, this is how I’ve decided. Every time I feel I may not be able to update my blog for a long period of time(which will be unlikely),  ghost writers […]

Loverboy Lines

This article was written as a matter of fact of what’s happening today.  Since I had limited time to write about it, I could only ask couple of readers to provide me the ‘evidence’ that you would see  towards the end of the article. It is written not with the intention to laugh at those […]

Each one of us is unique. Some might have a lot of similarities, but the fact remains that every one of us, vary from each other. Even twins possess only similar physical value, but mentally or characteristics’ might differ. Just like that, some people might like watching porn. They might allocate 1 hour per day […]