It’s been quite a break from blogging world and I’ve kept myself busy with some of the important things that I always wanted to do. Nevertheless, keeping away from writing is something that I could not do. I have written quite a number of articles in between whenever I had time, so, hopefully the publishing […]

What’s God and What’s Not

This story is dedicated to all the blind fools who follow everything that other people say without doing a research or without any advice. Like what people say plunging into death blindly, this is how this people does things and also influence others the same way. This story is based on what I’ve studied in […]

Muar Kali- Redefined

This topic was hot in Makkez blog the other day and I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it because it is obvious that stupid followers exist everywhere. Even if I get in trance tomorrow and claim that I’m actually Lord Buddha, then I would have at least 10 stupid fucks following my back thinking […]