The Plan – Charity

So, yes, with the first part of the charity over, let’s go on to the second part. Before that, I would like to say huge thanks for all those who had supported my cause for this current charity. The initial target of RM 1000 was broken way out of record, with a total collection of […]

Charity:Hook Me Up

UPDATE : Confirmed transactions : DuraiĀ  : RM 100 Brother IP : RM 101 Brother Deva : RM 50 Brother Lizard : RM 50 True Gemini : RM 100 G : RM 100 Brother Kavilan (Klang, S’gor) :RM 100 Viji : RM 50 Geetha : RM 50 Brother Sri : RM 100 Sis Shaila : […]


I wonder how, but I missed out our wonderful reader coolvaneegurl from my previous name listing. Anyway, Happy Belated Deepavali wishes I hope everyone had a wonderful Deepavali celebration and finally, my celebration is over. It had dragged a week longer, and was packed with events. Thanks for all your wishes, and let’s get rolling […]