Thaipusam and the Vow

Well, as you might have expected, Thaipusam is over and this post would be dedicated entirely for my experience during Thaipusam. I would separate this article and tell you the story in a chapter by chapter sequence. That way, I guess it would make a better understanding. It will be accompanied by lots of pictures, […]

Charity:Hook Me Up

UPDATE : Confirmed transactions : DuraiĀ  : RM 100 Brother IP : RM 101 Brother Deva : RM 50 Brother Lizard : RM 50 True Gemini : RM 100 G : RM 100 Brother Kavilan (Klang, S’gor) :RM 100 Viji : RM 50 Geetha : RM 50 Brother Sri : RM 100 Sis Shaila : […]


I would like to remind all of you that the due date or the closing date for the charity donation would be on Sunday (28/06/09). The execution had been postponed to next week Friday (03/07/09) since we could only purchase the items next week. Just in case, if there is any last minute donation that […]

What’s God and What’s Not

This story is dedicated to all the blind fools who follow everything that other people say without doing a research or without any advice. Like what people say plunging into death blindly, this is how this people does things and also influence others the same way. This story is based on what I’ve studied in […]